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MRI is one of the technological advances of recent years in the field of Radiology and Imaging for diagnosis, staging, surgical planning of multiple diseases, and in recent dates even treatment of uterine fibroids, without using gamma rays or X-rays.

At Médica Sur, we have this technology, making available to you our unit which goal is to support the clinical diagnosis of patients referred to us. You will be in the hands of a professional, technically competent and committed to excellence in service personnel. All this, in an quiet and comfortable environment.

Browse our webpage and you will find all information related to this service or if you require personalized attention, come to our Tlalpan facilities. We are located on the Hospital’s basement, or contact us at: We will be glad of answering your questions.


We use a resonator, which is high-tech equipment, consisting of a set of devices emitting electromagnetic waves, radio frequency receiving antennas and computers, which analyze data to accurately produce detailed images in two or three dimensions of the different tissues of an assessed area of the human body.

Magnetic resonance imaging is obtained when you put a patient under an electromagnetic field in a magnet, which releases energy, transforms signals, which are that show the function of the organs being examined.

Diagnosis (Types)
Brain. Magnetic resonance is applied with different special sequences known as functional.

Let's start with spectroscopy for the assessment of cellular metabolism, which is particularly useful in the differential diagnosis of tumor lesions.

Next, Diffusion, which is used for early detection of edema caused by stroke. Perfusion, used for the assessment of adequate vascular supply of the brain parenchyma.

For the thorax, the structural assessment is done through a study at a mediastinal level, costal arches and subcutaneous tissue; for Mammary Glands, there is an evaluation of prostheses, capture dynamic and washing out of the contrast dye, confirming suspicious malignant lesions through other diagnosis and Tumor Recurrence.

For the Heart, right ventricle assessment, congenital anomalies,  myocardial contractility on both ventricles, detection of infarction and myocarditis, and the corresponding degree of extension.

The sequels and special tests applicable in this case are: the blood supply and Pharmacological Stress Test, equivalent to a conventional stress test but without physical effort.

As for the Vasculature, the study is applied from the head to the fingertips and the goal is to detect aneurysms, assess congenital abnormalities and diseases of the vessel wall of auto-immune type, inflammatory and degenerative.

The structural assessment of the abdomen is done through a study of choice in almost any condition. With special sequences for certain regions such as Cholangio Resonance, which is a three-dimensional reconstruction of the bile duct, Dynamic Rating absorption and elimination of contrast dye in the urinary system, and Functional Assessment of renal perfusion.
For the Pelvis, special sequences are: Functional assessment of cellular metabolism with spectroscopy in the detection of prostate cancer.

And finally, the assessment of musculo-skeletal system, is done through a study of choice, and the special sequence, is a Cartigram to assess cartilage integrity, in regions such as the knee.